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Voyager Portable headphone amp

Voyager Portable Headphone Amp

The Voyager portable headphone amplifier is the ideal partner for your portable music devices whos headphone outputs are often limited in performance because battery power is being used for their other functions.

The pocket sized Voyager portable headphone amplifier makes music on the move a whole new experience — capable of projecting an airy musical outside-your-head performance using good headphones, and with a source that's capable of it.

Use it with your iPod, Walkman, MP3 player or any other mobile device having an analogue output - line out or even its headphone socket - and hear the improvement.

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The Voyager portable headphone amplifier can even make cheap headphones sound good: its contour switch compensates for the limited tonal range of lightweight street-wear headphones making them sound like real hi-fi headphones. From the moment of your first listen you will never want to travel without it.

The Voyager is iMod compatible - it does not require DC blocking capacitors for a 3.3V powered iDevice - just connect and enjoy!


Running on a single 9 volt "E-cell", the Voyager portable headphone amplifier drives high impedance headphones as easily as low impedance ones. It has a long battery life: usually lasting a month of average usage at good volume levels - and on occasion 3 months! This is because it uses a low loss battery polarity-protection system leaving more power for your music. When at home or at work it can borrow power from your computer USB port* or be powered from its mains adapter (supplied). Laptop users on the move can also make use of the USB* power facility, thus preserving battery power. Rechargeable 9 volt batteries charged on a separate charger may also be used.

The Voyager portable headphone amplifier uses noiseless DC to DC conversion to increase the 5 volt USB voltage to 9 volts ensuring no loss of level when powered from USB.

Stereo input and headphone output are on high quality Jalco 3.5mm jacks. The volume control is a high quality all metal Alps miniature "velvet" potentiometer of similar construction to the Alps AC27/30 often found on really expensive amplifiers, but a whole lot smaller. Switches are also by Alps - known for their precision. A clear low noise red LED warns you when the Voyager is switched on, helping you to conserve battery power.

The "no-bling" Voyager portable headphone amplifier case is made of hard-wearing precision machined textured ABS, featuring a black and silver anodised aluminium fascia plate carrying the necessary functional markings. A clip on cover securely holds the battery within its durable foam lining.

Each Voyager portable headphone amplifier is individually hand built in Britain by time served engineers and fully specification tested to ensure perfect operation. The circuit uses conventional through-hole non-surface mount components to help achieve its excellent and airy sound quality making it unique amongst miniature headphone amplifiers.


Dimensions: L. 12.5 W. 6.7 H. 2.8 (cm)
Weight: 180 grams approx. (700 grams with plug top PSU)
Battery life: 50 hours continuous play, 2-3 weeks average usage
Output: 12mW rms into 32 Ohms, 10mW rms into 600 Ohms
Frequency Response: Flat: 13Hz to 34.5 kHz (-1dB), 5.5Hz to 69 kHz (-3dB)
Contour: +9dB at 45Hz and 20 kHz, Turnover +3dB at 260Hz and 2.85 kHz
Channel Balance: 0.5dB*
Hum & Noise: -94dB CCIR Q-pk 20Hz-20kHz, better than -100dB "A" curve weighted
Stereo Crosstalk: -52dB
Distortion (THD+Noise): at 80Hz: 0.03%, at 1 kHz: 0.03%, at 5.6 kHz: 0.05%, at 16 kHz: 0.13%
Power sources: [1] Battery, 9V (MN1604; 6LR61), [2] USB via "mini-B" 5VDC (with internal 9VDC analogue voltage conversion), [3] Mains adapter, 12-18V AC or DC unregulated (internal rectifier for AC use) (Polarity protection on all)

User Reviews

Customer Quote:

"...superb, a wonderful comprehensive sound: deep and wide soundstage, clear but non-aggressive treble, warm but firm base, and it works a wonder even on very basic downloads on iPod."

Michael R, Midlands UK

Excerpts taken from the Owners Club Forum:

"Sittin here in the sun listening to the Voyager and now I know what the fuss is all about. Astounding quality. The most analogue headamp I've ever met. Kills my old Fostex hp p1 and the mooted Centrance Hifi M8 to kingdom come. My old Fiio E11 is in the recycle bin too.

No hint of digital massive sound stage. Clarity is sublime. Where's the distortion gone? Black background and no noise i can hear. Senn Momentum sounds beautiful now. Senn HD 650 and Audeze stupefyingly sound great too from such a small box.

All in all a mini Novo!!!! Bravo Graham and his gang...once again."


"This will not be a lengthy review, just a praise. I have been using my Voyager a lot lately. Since a while I use it with my iPod with a line out adapter. I just want to say how very good this amp is. I am kind of stunned."


"I listen to my P5 through iPod, iPhone etc using voyager amp & it sounds superb & well balanced to my ears"


"I am the proud owner of a Voyager amp since 2009. I use it daily on my commutes with a Shure SE530, and enjoyed every second of the music."


"My Voyager has yet to escape the confines of my home. It has more than enough power to drive my Senn HD250s using my Creative Zen 32GB mp3 player as a music source whilst I am sitting outside in the garden enjoying the sun."


"I plugged my Klipsch X10's into the Voyager. Very good sound and really improves on the iPod alone."


"I use ATH ES55s (closed) on the move and SR60s at work with my Voyager.both sound wonderful."


"the [iRiver] H1x0's internal headamp doesn't have enough juice for HD250's; it has only a 5v battery after all. Grado SR60/80 aren't bad though. With ear canal phones the noise floor is clearly audible. However, add a Voyager and these weaknesses vanish.

Its normal on-the-move duty is to amplify the line out of the iBasso D10, which is a box similarly sized containing an excellent implementation of the Wolfson DAC and also a headphone amp which cannot compete with the Voyager."

discrete badger

"I just felt compelled to share a small piece of magic conjured out of an ipod classic, a well run-in voyager running on a duracell battery, a SendStation ipod connector to 3.5mm socket and the missing link... a DIY cable to join it all up! I have no measuring equipment but I know this setup sounded fantastic today. Attached to my well run in HD25-1s, with HD250 cable... punch, balance, lovely cymbal decay, vocals more present than normal, no harshness... lovely"


Media Reviews

"It's simply breathtaking how it transforms the sound, adding warmth, sparkle and a sense of three-dimensionality that wouldn't be out of place in a separates system many, many times its value.

Stacey Kent's vocals took on such a creamy smooth texture that I thought I was listening to a valve amp. well as going loud, this amp delivers dynamics, and it delivers them by the JCB scoop-load.

...if a fuller sound is your thing, or your headphones are a little lean, you can correct this by flicking the Contour switch on the side of the Voyager. Unlike equalizer settings on most MP3 players this boosts the bass without warping or degrading the sound quality

[Graham Slee Voyager Headphone Amplifier, Trusted Reviews]

"To test out the theory that the Voyager can bring to life even the most generic of headphones we used it in conjunction with a variety of standard headphones, namely: the generic Samsung headphones supplied with the Galaxy Note 2 and a set of official idevice headphones. Audio quality through both sets of headphones normally was average, however once connected to the Voyager the transformation was instant. Audio clarity and depth was enhanced dramatically, hard to believe we were actually still listening to the same audio through the same set of headphones.

"Graham Slee have all the ingredients of a truly superb piece of audio equipment – if they were baking pies they’d be the best in the business. As it happens, they are not pie makers and the Voyager is a real best in the business audio contender.

[Graham Slee Voyager Headphone Amplifier Review, News & Reviews, July 2013]


Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier £190.52 (including 20% UK VAT) supplied with plug-top power supply. Price does not include shipping.

USB to mini USB lead for USB power not supplied.

Input connection cable not supplied as the type will vary according to use. The jack to the input is a 3.5mm stereo plug.