Phono Stage Preamps With Our Innovative Technology

These Phono Stage Preamps will deliver outstanding results from your vinyl collection...

As one of the most prolific phono stage preamp manufacturers in the world (est.1998) we have a great reputation for delivering the best sound from vinyl you'll probably ever hear.

It's because of our innovative (and holistic) fast-active EQ technology and its resulting phase integrity which makes everything sound pitch-perfect and resolves musical tempo with perfect timing - the knock-on effect being the reduction in perceived noise from vinyl imperfections (crackles and pops).

We only make phono stage preamps dedicated to one cartridge sensitivity group or another because a universal phono preamp is a jack of all trades - and master of none!

MM Cartridge sensitivity range 1.6mV to 10mV — Moving Magnet; Moving Iron and High Output Moving Coil.
MC Cartridge sensitivity range 0.1mV to 1mV — conventional Moving Coil and low output Moving Iron.
SU Step-Up Amplifier for cartridge sensitivity range 0.1mV to 1mV — Steps up the output of low output cartridges so they can be used with MM sensitivity phono preamps.
EQ Archival Phono Preamps (including RIAA EQ) — trusted by Libraries and Universities to archive 78s and older vinyls, and will also play all "modern" vinyl extremely well.

Where did the term "phono stage preamp" come from? Once upon a time when amplifiers had different input levels for different analog signals like tape head, tuner and turntable, they called these stages. The one the turntable was plugged into was called the phono stage. Inside the amplifier was a preamplifier for the phono stage: it is called the phono preamp. In 1982 the compact disc started to supplant vinyl records and very soon amplifier manufacturers saw no need to include an input for a turntable. Nowadays most amplifiers simply have a number of identical analog inputs, and so they aren't even "stages" anymore, and as such they don't contain a phono preamp. To play vinyl records on a hifi turntable you therefore need that missing phono stage as a separate box. That separate phono stage box has the phono preamp inside of it. They are one and the same: a phono stage is a phono preamp and a phono preamp is a phono stage - but because we are now living in the internet age we have to try to make it easy for machines called search-engines to find relevant pages like this - so we gather the terms in the correct sequential order to give the item the description phono-stage-preamp.

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