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Dealing with the Phono Stage, Graham Slee Phono Preamps have stood the test of time...

We've shown that universal MM/MC phono preamps are jacks of all trades and masters of none. That's why we will only make phono stages dedicated to one cartridge group or another.

High impedance with low gain and low impedance with high gain cannot be done by the same electronics - don't put up with a compromise.

We offer the following dedicated sensitivity phono preamps - colour-codes are provided to assist your choice.

MMMM or moving magnet phono preamps accept high output cartridges, which also includes high output moving coil, and regular output moving iron cartridges. Such cartridges give an output of between 1.6mV and 10mV.
MCMC or moving coil phono preamps accept low (conventional) output moving coil cartridges. Such cartridges give an output of between 0.1mV and 1mV.
EQEQ - variable equalisation phono stages are specifically designed for collectors of older vinyl, and 78rpm records (78s), and will also play all "modern" vinyl extremely well.
SUSU - a step up amplifier enables a MM phono stage to use the lower output MC phono cartridges.

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