Phono Stage Pre-amps

Join the ever-increasing band of music lovers world-wide who are discovering what their records truly have to offer with a gsp audio phono stage.

Rediscover your Vinyl!
gsp audio phono stages get right in the groove!

Once captivated by a Graham Slee phono stage there's no turning back.

Even reviewers keep using their Graham Slee phono stages - reviewers like Stereophile's Michael Fremer. Read which phono stage he used to test phono cartridges on Analog Planet, nine years after first taking delivery of it.

We have phono stages for all types of cartridges - follow the colour code to find the right models for you.

MMMoving magnet, high-output moving iron, high-output moving coil
MCLow-output moving coil, low-output moving iron
EQVariable equalisation for older records/78s
SUStep-up pre-pre-amp for low-output moving coil

Further Information

All About the Phono Preamp

Why do we need a phono preamp, and what does it do?

Record Equalisation

From 78rpm shellac discs to modern RIAA LPs - a short history, and how to get the best from your older records with our variable EQ phono preamps: the Revelation and the Jazz Club

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