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Loudness without shouting!

Our designer Graham Slee has over 35 years experience in high fidelity amplifier and preamp design. Starting in the 1970's with disco and band amplifiers, through the late 1980's in broadcast audio, and the late 1990's on high-end hi-fi amplifiers.

One of his pet hates is amplification systems that shout! That tells you the amp is struggling or something isn't right, and it also turns you off, making you want to switch it off — money wasted!

High power amps are often those that struggle the most! People are often surprised to learn that during normal listening only around one watt of power is being put to use, and only 10 watts is needed to sound twice as loud as that.

So why buy a 100 watt amp where quality is traded for quantity? Take a look at our neat and compact 25 watt Proprius monoblock amplifiers.

Pre-amplifiers should sound transparent as if not there. Although essential for level matching and source selection, they should otherwise contribute no signature to the sound. Signatures remove detail, or emphasize particular details to the detriment of your enjoyment.

Passive preamps cannot drive all power amps and make it difficult to match source components. Transformer type preamps suffer transformer distortion producing coloration at low frequencies. Do you want a sound with attitude? Or do you want a properly designed active preamp that takes nothing away, and neither will add anything? Our own active preamp is almost ready - watch this space!

Proprius Mono-Block Power Amp

Proprius — An amp full of surprises!

Usually this power rated domain is for tubes or class A - the Proprius does all this but is neither...

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Line Stage Preamp

Currently at development stage.