HiFi Amplifiers For The 21st Century

Rethinking the HiFi Amplifier System

The role of the HiFi Amplifier has changed - 40 years ago all music sources were analogue and people recorded their favourite albums onto tape or compact cassette.

Today, most sources are digital, so it makes sense for an amplifier to have a number of digital inputs. File transfers on computer have replaced tape/compact cassette, so the tape-loop is now virtually redundant.

But there is one very important analogue source left, and it's not going away. It's vinyl! And every self-respecting modern-day amplifier should have an analogue input to be able to connect a good phono stage.

Modern living demands simplicity and miniaturisation - our HiFi amplifier range can deliver it! Just use your immagination.

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Our audio components are designed and handmade in Great Britain for your listening pleasure