High Fidelity Power Amplifiers and Pre-amps

Give your eyes a rest - stop looking at your hi-fi - listen to the music instead!

A Different View on Hi-Fi
When you're looking at your hi-fi you're not engrossed in your music.

True, you hear the music, but your eyes distract your ears - you'll not get the full benefit. This is why we make high-fidelity products that are inconspicuous.

Take a look at the Proprius monoblocks - big in sound, they're unobtrusive. Their balanced inputs allow you to use long interconnects and put them where YOU want.

Versatility is the name of the game - buy exactly the number you need - stereo, bi-amping, tri-amping, bass-sub, centre channel, surround, or even mono! Now that makes sense.

You'll need a preamp, and if your sources are digital, then all you'll need is the Majestic - perfect for driving a stereo pair of Proprius. It has balanced outputs too, so you're not restricted on where you place your Proprius amps!

And if you want a purely analogue preamp... keep an eye on this page - we're designing one now.

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Our audio components are designed and handmade in Great Britain for your listening pleasure