Headphone Amplifiers For HiFi Headphones

Helping you choose the right Headphone Amplifier

  • Flagship - Solo Ultra Linear DE: desktop headphone amp; melodic and natural sounding - great rhythmical timing - no artificial frequency bloat; meant for quality headphones and IEMs and best choice for all Grado, AKG K701/2, Sennheiser HD600/700/800 headphones - in our opinion.
  • Studio - Solo SRGII: desktop headphone amp; designed for clear sound but could add some excitement to "signatured" headphones and sources.
  • Entry level - Novo: desktop headphone amp; bright sound during running in, but good enough to win three What Hi-Fi best headphone amp awards.
  • Portable - Voyager: portable or desktop; full-bodied, solid sound that's well balanced and packed with detail; long battery life; rugged plastic case; tone contour switch aids lo-fi outdoor headphones.
  • USB/Android - Bitzie: portable or desktop: no drivers required on ANY operating system - works out of the box with (most) iPad + camera connection kit/lightning cable - works with Android phones Samsung S3 onward (Jellybean) and others such as Huawei.

Why our volume controls are different

Impedance-ranging volume controls allow our amplifiers to operate at fixed gain which is optimised to give consistent sound quality. Gain switched amplifiers will often exhibit different characteristics at different gain settings, meaning their sound quality is inconsistent!

Without distorting like a conventional amplifier, the impedance ranging volume controls may be used at any position including maximum and near maximum settings, where the headphone impedance or sensitivity necessitates it.

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