Headphone Amplifiers

You know how important it is to get the best amp for your speakers. Then why shouldn't you get the best headphone amp for your headphones?

Why Use A Headphone Amplifier?

A headphone amplifier can offer better sound than headphone jacks found on integrated amps, preamps, CD players and DACs.

An integrated amp will usually use a switched contact jack socket that switches the speaker feed off and puts a resistive attenuator between the amp output and your headphones. It is unlikely that an amplifier designed to drive speakers will drive headphones to the same standard, and the attenuator may not suit the impedance of your headphones.

On preamps, CD players and DACs the quality goes into the main function of the product and the headphone jack is often fed by a low-cost amplifier circuit.

A headphone amp is specifically designed to give better sound quality than the above - or should be!

Our headphone amplifiers are the result of many years of development and experience in high quality headphone circuits used for studio monitoring and in high quality studio mixers.

If you only require a headphone amplifier with USB input, consider the Bitzie USB DAC, which not only drives headphones but provides line, co-ax and optical outputs as well.

Why our volume controls are different

Impedance-ranging volume controls allow our amplifiers to operate at fixed gain which is optimised to give consistent sound quality. Gain switched amplifiers will often exhibit different characteristics at different gain settings, meaning their sound quality is inconsistent!

Without distorting like a conventional amplifier, the impedance ranging volume controls may be used at any position including maximum and near maximum settings, where the headphone impedance or sensitivity necessitates it.

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