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Best Headphone Amplifier Award from What Hi-Fi
Awarded to the Novo
2009, 2010 & 2011

Everything You Wanted From A Headphone Amplifier

When you can't have speakers or if you just want to listen in private you need a headphone amplifier that really engages with you - one that communicates the music, its message and emotion.

Graham Slee headphone amplifiers offer all that plus tonal accuracy - smoothness but with detailing and layering - excitement whilst keeping a firm grip on the rhythm and timing - and imagery appearing beyond your head... in short everything you want from a headphone amplifier.

Tested with a wide range of quality headphones and having a strong track record with thousands of discerning listeners world-wide, a Graham Slee headphone amplifier will give you hours of immersive fatigue free listening.

The file tabs above give you an introduction to each of our headphone amplifiers and you can click through for more details on each model.

Your nearest dealer will be pleased to demonstrate the model of your choice - be prepared to be impressed!

The choice of studios, broadcasters, headphone manufacturers and thousands of headphone listeners world-wide.

How do I connect a Graham Slee headphone amp?

For best results it is best to connect your source directly to the headphone amp and what better way than to use an interconnect cable specifically designed to get the best performance out of your Graham Slee headphone amplifier - see them by clicking here - We recommend the Lautus for the absolute best!

If you have more than one source - in fact if you've two the Solo's cater for that - but if you have more than two sources and you have a line stage preamp or integrated amplifier with an auxiliary output, that can be used to drive any of our headphone amps.

Alternatively a tape-out can be used, and the following diagram shows how to integrate a Solo into your tape-out and tape-in circuit.

The Novo is used inline which means the source can be routed in on one pair of sockets, and routed out on the other to an external input on a preamp or integrated amplifier, or other device.

Novo Discrete Headphone Amp

Novo Discrete

The Novo is truly inspired! Winning What Hi-Fi's prestigious best headphone amplifier award for three years in a row it has to be special. Discrete means it's made from individual transistors and that's considered high-end, but the Novo is a budget headphone amp... surprising!

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Also available in DIY kit form

Solo SRGII Headphone Amplifier


The Solo started life in 2001 and has seen a decade of continuous improvement, and on its way What Hi-Fi? gave it five stars, warning customers to "be prepared to buy it there and then", if they dared audition it.

The Solo Studio Reference "Green" Mk.II — SRGII for short, is the result of 10 years of innovative headphone amplifier development.

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Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition Headphone Amplifier

Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition

A headphone amplifier truly capable of making good headphones deliver a lifelike, dynamic and breathtaking performance with a real out of head three-dimensional stereo sound stage.

The new Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition - our flagship headphone amplifier - gives you the sound you always wanted from a headphones!

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Voyager Portable Headphone Amp

Voyager Portable

The shirt pocket sized Voyager portable headphone amp makes music on the move a whole new experience...

The Voyager portable is the ideal partner for your portable music devices whos headphone outputs are often limited in performance because battery power is being used for their other functions.

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A factory upgrade to Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition spec is available for all old Solo's from mid 2004 onwards - click here. A DIY upgrade is also available - click here. If your Solo isn't already equipped with a PSU1 power supply (see next tab), it is highly recommended to bring out the true Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition sound from your upgrade

Power Supply Choices

The Novo, Solo SRGII "green" and Voyager are sold complete with the switched mode power supply pictured top-right (packaging may vary).

The Solo SRGII is also available complete with the PSU1 power supply instead of the "green", and the Solo Ultra-Linear is only sold complete with the PSU1 - pictured centre and bottom right.

The addition of the PSU1 instead of the "green" power supply makes for a lift in performance as well as a greater sense of scale and openness.

The PSU1 power supply circuit has a precisely optimised Kelvin-current ground return and therefore has superior regulation. This leads to an improvement in stereo precision. It also has a combination of reservoir capacitor types to give the best sound quality.

Pre-Loved And B Grade

We occasionally get enquiries from customers who really want a Solo - possibly to get on the Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition upgrade path - but don't have the resources available to purchase one all at once. We're often asked if we have any seconds 'going cheap'. The thing is we don't manufacture seconds, but...

From time to time we receive unwanted "pre-loved" Solo boards after upgrade to Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition spec. If we do the upgrade the old board goes to help toward our costs - we charge very little more than the DIY offer for our labour and the full test we give each unit processed. These pre-loved boards can range from 2004 models up to the SRGII version.

With new products our rigorous quality control rejects case parts for hardly noticeable scratches and blemishes. Sometimes a case part will be OK except for a slight gap that won't close on tightening the screws.

To help those who ask about seconds we can offer to select good used upgrade boards and fit them in B grade cases at a bargain basement price - the exact price will depend on the amount of work involved. As some of these may have been first placed on the market prior to RoHS, some may even contain components you simply cannot obtain anymore such as Elna Starget audio capacitors, but be warned that these do have a sonic signature whereas today our products are carefully crafted to not have any particular signature.

If you think this type of offer would be to your liking please enquire using our contact form here: