Bitzie USB to SPDIF Headphone Amp DAC

  • Makes a great USB headphone amplifier
  • Converts USB audio to analogue line-level - RCA jack adapter supplied
  • Outputs 16 bit S/PDIF to coax and optical jacks
  • Plug & play - instant recognition without drivers
  • Suits PC Linux & MAC desktops - laptops - tablets - including Windows 8.1
  • USB one-unit-load powered - great for portable use
  • Compatible with newer Android phones with 'OTG' adapter and some* iPhones with 'camera adaptor'
        *If in doubt ask for a free home trial at our forum

The power, control, bass and treble extension, sound stage and smoothness all took a significant upgrade over the headphone jack from the iPhone/iPod, even over another portable DAC/amp combo I shall not mention. Right there and then I dropped my deposit and will take home a brand new Bitzie tomorrow.
- forum member: GoSUV

It is one of the most natural sounding DAC's I have heard, I can hear every instrument and sound clearly, with no harshness/"glare"... Connection to my hi-fi amps and speakers was easy with the enclosed adaptor. The same clear and involving sound made the music I played sound great. Room filling sound with a wide and deep soundstage, in short as big as the recordings! It is hard to believe it is a USB DAC
- forum member: Fatmangolf

the Bitzie also drove my Audeze LCD-3's with no problem, a very decent headphone output... truly remarkable and a sure winner... it's amazing that such a great sound can be had for such a low price
- formum member: Suggs

...the glorious realisation while listening to that album was the accuracy of the guitar sound. Gibson guitars / pickups overdriven into Marshall tube amps give a delicious sound and listening through the Bitzie had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end...
- forum member: AlieN

I have three good DACs in the house - two in equipment costing around 3-4 times more than the Bitzie, and a DAC over twice it's price. Never was the Bitzie outclassed.... I think the Lautus USB cable should be a regular part of the package, though, as it allows the Bitzie to perform to it's full potential. If you don't use a "good" USB cable it'll be like a V8 firing on 4 cylinders
- forum member: morris_minor

...the best part IMO is how it draws in the listener. Very mellow and musical
- forum member: mrarroyo

Lautus USB cable 1,2m


Special Offer: Bitzie bundle (Bitzie USB-DAC plus Lautus USB Cable)


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British-made USB DAC quality

The Swiss Army Knife of DACS!

The Bitzie is:

  • a high quality USB DAC
  • an external soundcard with line out, co-ax and optical digital outputs
  • a USB preamp
  • a stunning USB headphone amp
  • an S/PDIF converter for DACs lacking a USB input

Use at home, on the road, or as part of a desktop or hi-fi system — the Bitzie USB DAC is all about the music.

Hand soldered surface-mount - by our own UK engineers

Main Features

  • USB headphone amp - Z-match full-rotation volume control
  • USB to line output - stereo RCA adapter supplied
  • USB to S/PDIF - coaxial with transformer isolation - plus optical
  • Plug & Play - including Windows 8.1 - no searching for driver downloads
  • USB DAC for PC, Mac, Netbook, Linux
  • USB DAC for latest Android phones - e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3 , S4, ...
  • USB one-unit-load powered - low battery drain on portable devices

Quality components picked for their sonic abilities

USB Headphone Amp

Connects to a USB socket on your PC, MAC, NetBook, Laptop, Android Phone*, iPad2, iPad23 etc.
Palm sized - this could be the best sounding USB headphone amp you'll ever hear!

USB Preamp

Line output drives active speakers, integrated amp, preamp or separate headphone amp.
According to its users, sound quality and sound staging is as good as it can get for USB!

USB External Soundcard

Use it to add USB to your existing DAC. Transformer isolated coaxial S/PDIF and "Toslink" optical S/PDIF outputs

Just Add Foobar2000 (or a MAC equivalent)

Play all your MP3s, FLACs, WAVs etc into the Bitzie USB DAC using the free download Foobar2000 Windows music player.

The Bitzie is recognised as soon as you connect it. Your media/music player (e.g. Foobar2000) will show it as a USB Audio CODEC in your output dialog box — just click on that and all your files will play.

Music On The Go*

Plug & play tested with Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jellybean, S4, S5, and Huawai Ascend G6 (EE Kestrel) using an "On-The-Go" adapter.
Over 7 hours continuous playing time from Samsung Galaxy S3 fully charged battery - not a USB hub.

A Note on Higher Resolution Playback

The Bitzie accepts up to 24 bits at up to 48kHz sampling frequency. Higher resolution files WILL play to the Bitzie from suitable music player software (such as Foobar2000 on a Windows device).

However if the software is set to "bit-perfect" (for example when using the Foobar2000 ASIO add-on) higher resolution files will not play whilst that mode is selected.

The S/PDIF coax and optical outputs play out at 16 bit by removing the 4 non-audio bits, and the 4 least significant bits

The difference between 24 bit and 16 bit audio is the noise floor - with 24 bit the noise floor is -120dB (4 non-audio bits ignored makes 20, each bit represents 6dB, and 6 x 20 = 120); with 16 bit the noise floor is 96dB (6 x 16 = 96)


20 great reasons why you should choose the Bitzie USB DAC/External Sound Card...

  • Plug & Play (instantly recognised by virtually all operating systems including Windows 8.1)
  • Also Plug & Play with Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jellybean and many others — 7 hours playing on fully charged S3
  • No driver downloads (except Windows 98 which is virtually automatic)
  • Plays 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz via VLC media player, Foobar2000 or other freeware players
  • 24-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz bit-perfect when running suitable software
  • 16-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz S/PDIF permanently on outputs — 75 Ohm transformer isolated coax and optical "toslink" transmitter
  • Full-speed USB
  • Low clock jitter
  • 8x oversampling Burr-Brown USB Audio CODEC
  • USB powered - USB compliant 0.5W consumption - one USB unit

Additional active analogue output stage

  • Z-match volume control: unlike ordinary volume controls that distort above their mid-point, the z-match volume control is designed to go all the way round to match high impedance headphones.
  • Analogue 3rd order Butterworth low pass filter, -1dB at 22kHz, -47dB at 352.8kHz
  • 1.55V rms analogue output
  • Two stereo output jacks
  • Drives most dynamic headphones - low impedance to high impedance
  • Drives most power amplifiers and amplified speakers direct
  • True analogue rotary volume control
  • Smaller than iPod™ footprint - anodized aluminium case
  • Smaller than our Voyager portable headphone amplifier
  • Included high quality full-size jack to stereo RCA jack adapter
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom


USB input
1 x standard B socket; up to 24 bits and 48kHz sampling frequency (music player software can be made to play higher resolution files)

Digital Outputs
1 x Coax transformer isolated; 1 x Optical; 16 bits and up to 48kHz sampling frequency


    Distortion, THD+N
    Inter-modulation, SMPTE
    Frequency response
    20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.02dB
    S-N ratio


    Distortion, THD+N
    Inter-modulation, SMPTE
    Frequency response
    20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.02dB
    S-N ratio

Analogue outputs
1 x 3.5mm jack; 1 x 1/4" jack; use either for headphones, or 1/4" jack for line-out via supplied adapter.


    Maximum output
    1.55V rms
    Distortion, THD+N
    Inter-modulation, SMPTE
    Frequency response
    20Hz - 20kHz +/-1dB
    S-N ratio
    Output noise (shorted input)

Headphone out into 32 Ohm

    Maximum output
    750mV rms
    Distortion, THD+N
    Inter-modulation, SMPTE
    Frequency response
    20Hz - 20kHz +/-1dB
    S-N ratio


Plug & play: supported by native drivers built-in to virtually all operating systems
Music player software will need to be loaded on your device, for example: Foobar2000 (FB2K), VLC media player, Google Play (on mobiles)
Music player software can be made to play higher resolution files
For use with Android phones, an On The Go (OTG) adapter cable is normally required
For use with iPhones, a camera adapter is usually required

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with our continuous improvement policy.


This product gets its power down the USB cable. It must not be powered from any external power supply, even if the vendor is using our company name to (wrongly) suggest our approval. Doing so infringes warranty and can cause irreparable damage to your Bitzie.

System Requirements

Please note that this information is subject to regular updating as we find more compatible devices.

Troubleshooting - New Unit Start Up

Because the Bitzie USB DAC is bus powered it has to establish its internal power supply from the computer whilst at the same time having to communicate with the computer.

Initially, the time it takes to charge the brand new capacitors in a new Bitzie USB DAC can take longer than the computer is programmed to wait, and the computer having not received data in time, reports a malfunction.

If after a number of try's at connecting the Bitzie USB DAC, this occurs, leave the Bitzie USB DAC connected and restart your computer. This should allow sufficient time for charging the capacitors and the unit should then work without error.

Operating Systems and Computer Equipment

The Bitzie DAC is plug and play requiring no messy driver downloads on most PCs/laptops/notebooks.

For appropriate operation of the Bitzie DAC one of these operating systems must be running on a host PC and equipped with a USB port certified by the manufacturer. If these conditions are met, operation does not depend on the CPU operating speed.

The Bitzie DAC may work with other PCs and operating systems also, but proper operation has not been tested and cannot be assured.

If in doubt borrow one on a free home trial.

Operating Systems

  • Android Jellybean running on Samsung Galaxy S3 - playing time: 7 hours on full charge
  • Asus 10.1" Touchscreen / Windows 8 (with micro HDMI)
  • Sony 10.1" Xperia Tablet Z 16Gb / Android 4.1.2 (HDMI via MHL)
  • iPad second generation with a camera out connector (accessory)
  • Microsoft™ Windows™ 98SE or Windows ME, Japanese or English edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Japanese or English edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional, Japanese or English edition - Service Pack 1 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Business Japanese or English edition
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Apple Computer Mac OS™ 9.1 or later Japanese or English edition
  • Apple Computer Mac OS X 10.0 or later English edition
  • Apple Computer Mac OS X 10.1 or later Japanese edition SP (For the Mac OS X 10.0 Japanese edition, plug and play does not work appropriately for USB audio devices.)

PC-AT Compatible Computers Running The Required Operating System

  • Motherboard using Intel™ 440 BX or ZX chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i810 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i815 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i820 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i845 chipset (ICH2 USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i845 chipset (ICH4 USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i850 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i848 chipset (ICH5/R USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i865 chipset (ICH5/R USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i875 chipset (ICH5/R USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel core Duo and Intel 945 GM chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Apollo KT133 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Apollo KT333 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Apollo Pro plus chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using MVP4 or MVP3 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Aladdin V chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using SiS530 or SiS559 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using SiS735 chipset (chipset USB controller)

Recognition of Trademark Owners

  • Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Computer
  • Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation
  • Microsoft, Windows, Vista are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
  • All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

Further Support

Bitzie users on our Forum often post updates about compatibility and usage, such as this post about iOS7 and avoiding Android resampling to improve quality.

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