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Bitzie USB DAC Headphone Amp

Bitzie USB DAC/USB Headphone Amp

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"It turns a computer into a top notch hi-fi source!"

The Bitzie USB DAC is all about the music and just how good it makes digital audio sound.

"I wasn’t so much listening as fully immersed. There’s a great sense of space and depth and it’s difficult to turn the thing off and go to bed. The Bitzie is bags of fun, but watch for bags under the eyes." [Lauri Cular]

That just about sums up what everybody finds with the Bitzie USB DAC.

It's also about user friendliness - it's simply plug and play! It's not plug and pray - no frustrating downloads or worry that it's not going to work.

The Bitzie is instantly recognised by the vast majority of operating systems on connection, and with the addition of a free software player that you can obtain online (such as Foobar 2000 for Windows), you will be "up and running" in minutes, not hours, days or never.

The Bitzie USB DAC isn't just a USB DAC, it's also a "sound card" great for those who have a S/PDIF only DAC, but who also want to play their music from USB. It has both coax and optical outputs.

Remember, software music players will play all your music files no matter what the sampling frequency or number of bits are - therefore you can hear them all with the Bitzie!

Prove it for yourself! Join our owner's club forum to borrow one on free trial!

WARNING: This product gets its power down the USB cable. It must not be powered from any external power supply, even if the vendor is using our company name to (wrongly) suggest our approval. Doing so infringes warranty and can cause irreparable damage to your Bitzie.

British made USB DAC quality Hand soldered surface mount Quality conventional components picked for their sonic abilities

Plug'n'Play On The Go

OTG with Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jellybean, Samsung Galaxy S4, Huawei Ascend G6, EE Kestrel and most 4G smartphones running android jellybean

It's A USB Headphone Amp

Connects to a USB socket on your PC, MAC, NetBook, Laptop, Galaxy S3, iPad 2, iPad 3 etc

Z-match volume control: unlike ordinary volume controls that distort above their mid-point, the z-match volume control is designed to go all the way round to match high impedance headphones.

Palm sized, it's possibly the best sounding USB headphone amp you'll ever hear!

Bitzie USB DAC Features

  • USB DAC for Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jellybean...
    • 7.5hrs continuous playing!
  • USB DAC for NetBook
  • USB DAC for PC
  • Plug & Play - including Windows 8!
  • USB DAC for MAC
  • USB DAC for Linux
  • No searching for driver downloads
  • USB headphone amp
  • USB to line output
  • USB to S/PDIF...
    • Coaxial - transformer isolation
    • Optical too!

USB Preamp

Line output drives active speakers, integrated amp, preamp or separate headphone amp. Sound quality and sound staging is as good as it can get!

USB External Soundcard

Use it to add USB to your existing DAC. Transformer isolated coaxial S/PDIF and "Toslink" optical S/PDIF outputs

Just Add Foobar2000 (or a MAC equivalent)

Play all your MP3s, FLACs, WAVs etc into the Bitzie USB DAC using the free download Foobar2000 Windows music player.

The Bitzie is recognised as soon as you connect it. Your media/music player (e.g. Foobar2000) will show it as a USB Audio CODEC in your output dialog box — just click on that and all your files will play!

"Bitzie" ™©2012 is a trademark of Graham Slee Projects Limited

"Graham Slee" ® is a registered trademark belonging to Graham Slee

User Reviews

"Bitzie is superb and definitely best of the bunch I have heard including Dragonfly; HRT micro streamer; and Epiphany."

Roger Ellis OBE

The following are excerpts taken from our owner's club forum:

"I am already the proud owner of a Voyager portable headphone amp and the Solo ULDE desktop amp. Back when a portable DAC was being developed by Graham, to be frank I was skeptical as many of the outside voices would suggest, this lacks the so called "hi-res", DXD-compatibility and fancy asynchronous mode USB implementation many other competing devices would have.

But today I walked by a retailer I sometimes frequent, and boy was it a big mistake - I found they were showing the Bitzie and I could have a listen, as I already had my Shure SE846 in-ear phones with me. So I connected up everything and WOW - my SE846's were like a new pair of headphones and my immediate gut feel was, "this is what I have been missing". The SE846 are US$1k earphones and I care about my music seriously. I do 45-minute (each way) commutes in the noisy subways in Hong Kong and I want some peace along with my favourite music on my travels. The SE846 are touted to be "subwoofers in your ears" but with the cheesy built-in jack of your average iPhone and iPod's, these don't do them justice. You can certainly play loudly with them but these phones are surprisingly power-hungry for a sensitive IEM and loudness does not equal good quality, nor control.

Enter the Bitzie and I was finally able to realize what "subwoofers in your ears" are all about. I am pleasantly surprised that you don't need more than the built-in battery of your iPad (with the camera connector) to drive the Bitzie. The power, control, bass and treble extension, sound stage and smoothness all took a significant upgrade over the headphone jack from the iPhone/iPod, even over another portable DAC/amp combo I shall not mention. Right there and then I dropped my deposit and will take home a brand new Bitzie tomorrow.

After all those debates as to whether it is truly necessary to have all the latest bells and whistles I think the man is right. It is the final result that counts. What percentage of your entire music library is "hi-res" and "DXD" anyway? At the current state of affairs, it isn't even easy to get true "DXD" audio format music anyway, so why is everybody suddenly jumping on the DXD bandwagon? Enough with the rant, but I think I've just found a gem with the Bitzie.


"S3 connected to Bitzie and HD540II sounds fantastic. It's probably more high-fidelity than many large equipment setups yet isn't much larger than the palm of my hand."


"Straight forward auto-install of software to enable listening to start. The music came through with the clarity and full sound I am used to with other top hi-fi I have heard. It is a fine USB DAC with excellent sound quality reflecting the digital and analogue sections being very good. It is one of the most natural sounding DAC's I have heard, I can hear every instrument and sound clearly, with no harshness/"glare"... Connection to my hi-fi amps and speakers was easy with the enclosed adaptor. The same clear and involving sound made the music I played sound great. Room filling sound with a wide and deep soundstage, in short as big as the recordings! It is hard to believe it is a USB DAC"


"...extremely detailed but non-fatiguing sound, very "analogue" in it's presentation and as natural as CD's (or rips) will allow... more than able to convey all of the emotion on the recording - a very high goose bump factor was experienced... I have been primarily listening with AKG K550's but the Bitzie also drove my Audeze LCD-3's with no problem, a very decent headphone output... truly remarkable and a sure winner... it's amazing that such a great sound can be had for such a low price"


"...the best part IMO is how it draws in the listener. Very mellow and musical."


"For a little USB-driven DAC to provide this fantastic performance has been a real eye- (ear-) opener for me."


"...I am running OS 10.8.2 on my iMac and as previously stated it recognized the Bitzie right away. I should also mention that it is dead quiet using the Grado RS-1 straight out of the 1/4" plug. I even paused the music and raised the volume to max! Did I say dead quiet!"


"...the first note of "Tanya" is a woody, fortissimo, double bass in "unison" with a drum hit. The first time I could separate out the characters of both instruments was when I put the Dutch NOS DAC in my study system. That the Bitzie pulled off the same trick is, for me, testament to it's quality.

I have three good DACs in the house - two in equipment costing around 3-4 times more than the Bitzie, and a DAC over twice it's price. Never was the Bitzie outclassed... I think Graham has designed a truly remarkable piece of kit here which operates in many scenarios. Use it with a mobile source out and about, and when home it will slot neatly into a "full size" system, giving a suitably "full-sized" sound. As a USB to S/PDIF converter it works transparently. As a headphone amp from a USB source it gives the Solo UL a good run for its money.

I think the Lautus USB cable should be a regular part of the package, though, as it allows the Bitzie to perform to it's full potential. If you don't use a "good" USB cable it'll be like a V8 firing on 4 cylinders.

...At the price it is an absolute steal!"


"...the glorious realisation while listening to that album was the accuracy of the guitar sound. Gibson guitars / pickups overdriven into Marshall tube amps give a delicious sound and listening through the Bitzie had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end... I’ve got little time left with the Bitzie loan ..., but it has greatly impressed me with the degree to which my music has become more enjoyable. An order will be forthcoming very soon."


"I have now been running my Bitzie's analog output... into my preamp... I have also used the Bitzie as a USB to coaxial converter and put the signal into my "big" DAC. has been hard to discriminate between the two. ...sound is very similar to the USB to coax converted signal - at least on my preamplifier with the DAC I use in my "big rig". What kind of sound you get when using Bitzie as a converter running into another DAC is of course is very much up to the other DAC used - and the preamplifier. Just running the Bitzie's analog output into a good preamplifier will deliver very good sounding music. Many are using the word engaging. I do agree."


"Having listened to music through the Bitzie for a few months now It's time to report. I love it! I'm not sure of the technical terms, but music sounds so much better than from the computer output. I have also used it to compare a HD600 to an HD800 using the twin outs, and can confirm that the HD 800 is quite simply outstanding - I didn't expect to hear much difference but with the Bitzie it's chalk and cheese!"


20 great reasons why you should choose the Bitzie USB DAC/External Sound Card...

  • Plug & Play (instantly recognised by virtually all operating systems including Windows 8!)
  • Also Plug & Play with Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jellybean — 7 hours playing on fully charged S3!
  • No driver downloads (except Windows 98 which is virtually automatic)
  • Plays 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz via VLC media player, Foobar2000 or other freeware players
  • 24-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz bit-perfect when running suitable software
  • 16-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz S/PDIF permanently on outputs — 75 Ohm transformer isolated coax and optical "toslink" transmitter
  • Full-speed USB
  • Low clock jitter
  • 8x oversampling Burr-Brown USB Audio CODEC
  • USB powered - USB compliant 0.5W consumption

Additional superior active analogue output stage!!!

  • Z-match volume control: unlike ordinary volume controls that distort above their mid-point, the z-match volume control is designed to go all the way round to match high impedance headphones.
  • Analogue 3rd order Butterworth low pass filter, -1dB at 22kHz, -47dB at 352.8kHz
  • 1.55V rms analogue output
  • Two stereo output jacks
  • Drives all headphones - low impedance and high impedance
  • Drives power amplifiers direct
  • True analogue rotary volume control
  • Smaller than iPod™ footprint - anodized aluminium case
  • Smaller than our Voyager portable headphone amplifier
  • Included high quality full-size jack to stereo RCA jack adapter
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

System Requirements

Please note that this page is subject to regular updating as we find more compatible devices.

Troubleshooting - New Unit Start Up

Because the Bitzie USB DAC is bus powered it has to establish its internal power supply from the computer whilst at the same time having to communicate with the computer.

Initially, the time it takes to charge the brand new capacitors in a new Bitzie USB DAC can take longer than the computer is programmed to wait, and the computer having not received data in time, reports a malfunction.

If after a number of try's at connecting the Bitzie USB DAC, this occurs, leave the Bitzie USB DAC connected and restart your computer. This should allow sufficient time for charging the capacitors and the unit should then work without error.

Operating Systems and Computer Equipment

The Bitzie DAC is plug and play requiring no messy driver downloads on most PCs/laptops/notebooks.

For appropriate operation of the Bitzie DAC one of these operating systems must be running on a host PC and equipped with a USB port certified by the manufacturer. If these conditions are met, operation does not depend on the CPU operating speed.

The Bitzie DAC may work with other PCs and operating systems also, but proper operation has not been tested and cannot be assured.

If in doubt borrow one from our loaner program.

Operating Systems

  • Android Jellybean running on Samsung Galaxy S3 - playing time: 7 hours on full charge
  • Asus 10.1" Touchscreen / Windows 8 (with micro HDMI)
  • Sony 10.1" Xperia Tablet Z 16Gb / Android 4.1.2 (HDMI via MHL)
  • iPad second generation with a camera out connector (accessory)
  • Microsoft™ Windows™ 98SE or Windows ME, Japanese or English edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Japanese or English edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional, Japanese or English edition - Service Pack 1 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Business Japanese or English edition
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Apple Computer Mac OS™ 9.1 or later Japanese or English edition
  • Apple Computer Mac OS X 10.0 or later English edition
  • Apple Computer Mac OS X 10.1 or later Japanese edition SP (For the Mac OS X 10.0 Japanese edition, plug and play does not work appropriately for USB audio devices.)

PC-AT Compatible Computers Running The Required Operating System

  • Motherboard using Intel™ 440 BX or ZX chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i810 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i815 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i820 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i845 chipset (ICH2 USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i845 chipset (ICH4 USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i850 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Intel i848 chipset (ICH5/R USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i865 chipset (ICH5/R USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel i875 chipset (ICH5/R USB controller in the chipset)
  • Motherboard using Intel core Duo and Intel 945 GM chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Apollo KT133 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Apollo KT333 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Apollo Pro plus chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using MVP4 or MVP3 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using Aladdin V chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using SiS530 or SiS559 chipset (chipset USB controller)
  • Motherboard using SiS735 chipset (chipset USB controller)

Recognition of Trademark Owners

  • Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Computer
  • Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation
  • Microsoft, Windows, Vista are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
  • All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners


These products are individually hand crafted in Britain

Bitzie USB-DAC: £350.00 inc. UK VAT (£291.67 export - receiver pays duty)

Introductory Offers:

Lautus USB Cable 1,2m: £96.00 inc. UK VAT (£80.00 export - receiver pays duty)

Bitzie bundle (Bitzie USB-DAC plus Lautus USB Cable): £399.90 inc. UK VAT (£333.25 export - receiver pays duty)

Prices do not include shipping