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Go to any high end hi-fi show and the chances are they'll play anything but rock'n'roll, or pop, or heavy and progressive, or psychedelic rock - and that's because the equipment is heavily signatured to make orchestral, chamber and lounge music sound "nicer". That's not much use to most people.

From the outset we decided to be different, and having an eclectic collection of "modern" genres ranging from Led Zeppelin to Evanescence and from Seal to Porcupine Tree - just to mention a few - we began making high-end stereo equipment for the forgotten majority.

That's not to say those into the classics aren't catered for - they are - but without any false add-ons to the sound.

An Iconic Phono Stage For An Iconic Reviewer!

We supplied an Era Gold V phono stage to Michael Fremer (Stereophile's Analog Corner reviewer) 10 years ago and he's still reviewing with it! Read more...

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Over 100 media and user reviews! browse our products and read what others think — all user reviews are from verified buyers or people who have had our products on trial — look for the user and media review tabs on each product page. Check out our...

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