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At gsp audio our mission is to make all your music sound great — not just your outstanding recordings.

Our range of audio components includes award winning phono stage pre-amps for the vinyl enthusiast, headphone amplifiers capable of getting the most out of the best headphones being made today, DACs with converter chips expertly integrated with our first class analogue electronics, a mono block amplifier with poise and power, and all the cabling needed to make everything perform to its limit. Don't just take our word - borrow our components for a free home trial* to find out for yourself.

* available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.

A word from Graham Slee . . .
Graham Slee

It entered my mind one day a long time ago that eventually high fidelity equipment could be called upon to play music other than symphonies, choral music, quartets and audiophile jazz.

Perhaps people would want to play Led Zeppelin's Kashmir? At the time I was stood in a demo room, so I asked if they had a copy. The answer was yes, and they put it on the turntable... It sounded awful. It was boring. You accept that rock records are compressed to contain their dynamic range, but to this extent?

What causes the problem in my opinion is the overly complex circuitry in some hi-fi products. Layer upon layer of discrete components seem to have been put together to address imaginary problems, to the point that they make their own music when subjected to an input stimulus (the music signal). One could think these circuits are nonsensical, but books have been published that go to great lengths to explain their technical prowess - yet, they can still sound boring, if not dry, on playing rock.

With an ever increasing audience of rock lovers, I set out to design products to not only sound fantastic with symphonies, choral music, quartets and audiophile jazz, but also to reproduce rock music in such a way as to provide fun listening - to provide those air-guitar inspiring moments!
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